From all of the hobbies I have, traveling is probably my favorite one. As much as I love staying at home, I also like to travel and visit places where I have never been before. When I was visiting some of the biggest cities in United States I realized how much fun it can be. I like taking pictures and during my stay in Chicago me and my friends decided to take a few humorous pictures of ourselves. My stay in Chicago was fun and I recommend this city as a must to visit to everybody, whether American or not. You might not know where to look for the best budget travel ideas as the choice of destinations is overwhelming. It good idea is to read about others people experiences and read hat other bloggers have to say like, for example, Budget Travel Blogger. Your vacation can be at the same time inexpensive and very well organized, It might even be remembered by you for many years to come. Of course you do not have to visit any specific destination and you can go wherever you like. Before embarking on your trip you can make yourself familiar with various travel ideas located on various websites.

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