Marketing and Online Entrepreneurship

There has been some discussion between bloggers what skills are really necessary to be a successful online entrepreneur. It seems that the conclusion was that marketing skills are the most important aspect. There are many other things that matter like innovative ideas or programming skills, but are they that important? First of all, when it comes to programming skills there are places on the Internet where you can hire people, and if you need a small job done you can have it done for less than $50. That is why having extensive knowledge of programming languages will not necessarily guarantee you success, but might rather give you a small edge. On the other hand, when it comes to ideas, who is going to listen to them if you do not market them effectively? If you are a really good marketer even with semi-decent ideas you could make a fortune and be very popular in your niche. A good marketer will make sure that his website or products are well known on the Internet, and this will give him an edge over his competition. What constitutes a brilliant marketer is another question, however, I am sure it involves a lot of time, hard work, and dedication.

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