I have discussed the topic of attracting visitors in the past; however, this time I have an additional idea for attracting new visitors to your blog, namely organizing giveaways. Giving away things is a certain way to attract visitors to your site. Who does not like to receive things for free? Obviously, people love things for free, but most bloggers are not willing to give for free unless they benefit from it. It may be a link or review, but the truth is that giving away things for free from time to time will increase the number of visitors to your site, and some of those visitors might be really grateful. Additionally, if you do not ask for anything in return, sometimes you will receive it anyway. That is because people will appreciate your good will. You might receive a lot of links to a post where you mentions giveaways, so you will also benefit when it comes to your Page Rank.

There are some bloggers who do not like this method, because they argue that it is not cost-effective. They claim that, for example, giving away 10 books might attract visitors, but the cost of those 10 books might be higher than the possible gain. My response would be that you can also give away things that do not cost anything at all. This includes link backs and any services you can provide.

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