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A lot of bloggers are worried about others stealing their posts, and posting them on some other blogs without permission or any kind of acknowledgment who is the real author of the post. One of the reasons that some people keep doing such things is that it is a lot easier to have rich content on your blog just by copy/pasting, rather than writing posts yourself. Many people think that nobody will notice that the content was taken from another website, and they feel pretty safe doing so on a regular basis.

Unfortunately for them, there are tools to look for plagiaristic content and one of such tools is It is a website that basically searches the Internet for copies of your website/blog entries and lists the results for you to analyze. It is a free service and a lot of websites like, for example, take advantage out of it to check if submitted articles are original. Keep in mind that if somebody copies your blog entry to a website that is not indexed by Google, might not detect it. On the other hand, people will not be able to find such a website easily anyway. If you are seriously interested in protecting your website, you might want to put a “Page Protected by Copyscape Do Not Copy” widget on your blog. Other bloggers did so, and while it will not prevent anyone from copying content from your blog, it will let them know that you know how to check for duplicate content.


Implementing Videos

While I was reading various blogging tips, I read somewhere that in order to attract more traffic to a blog or website, it is advisable to add some movie content. What is more appealing to people: movie clips or plain text? I think that there are a lot of people who may prefer video over text, and that is why TV is so popular. Of course, those who visit blogs generally enjoy reading text, but there is no reason why you would not want to enhance their experience by adding some video clips. Integrating movie clips to one’s website can be easy for someone who has a suitable website like, for example, a blog dedicated to entertainment. On the other hand, it may be more difficult to add clips if your blog is about other topics like, for example, blogging. This is because of a few reasons:

  • Internet users like watching funny movies, and I have never heard of any funny movie on the topic of blogging. Actually, there are not that many videos about the topic of bloggign at all.
  • Most video clips about blogging are copyrighted so you would have to create your own videos, which is not that easy. Not all writers would actually even enjoy creating videos.
  • Bloggers usually do not need a hosting company that offers a lot of bandwidth. However, if they choose to host numerous videos, they would also need to make sure that they will not exceed their bandwidth limit.

    Email and Your Blog

    As a blogger it is a good idea to have an email address that can be solely used for your blog, unless you have a contact form on your website, which enables your readers to contact you. Since having an email dedicated to your blog seems to have many advantages, it is a good idea to make sure that your email account is always reachable and that it has free space for incoming messages. You can make sure this happens by registering at such places like Gmail. Gmail allows you to store over 6GB of data, which means that you never have to delete your emails. You can always access your messages, which gives Gmail an advantage over other free email accounts which unfortunately are quite often under maintenance. For me the most important thing is accessibility, so that is why I recommend Gmail. However, I am sure there are also other reliable companies that might offer similar quality of services. Of course, they might not always be free like Gmail is. It is also not a secret that Gmail gained so much popularity, because it is backed up by one of the largest Internet giants: Google. Google has the financing and traffic to make such projects work.


    How To Improve Your Google Page Rank

    From time to time there is a buzz in the blogosphere about actions that Google undertakes in order to update the Page Rank of our websites. This often makes webmasters think what else they can do to improve the number of valuable links pointing to their sites. While asking for link exchanges might be a good idea, it is often time consuming. I know that it can be hard for some people to convince webmasters to link to a blog that has a lower PR, and that it might be better to look at some other alternatives in this case.

    The top commentators plug-in might be the solution for people who have problems obtaining links. I want to point out how you can benefit from others having this attractive plug-in on their sites, especially if they have high Google Page Rank. Simply comment on blogs that have this plug-in enabled, and that have relatively high PR. After some time you will see your name being displayed on the main page of the blog. It will not only give you higher PR when the next update happens, but also a lot of satisfaction for being distinguished among others for your dedication to leave comments. While Google Page Rank is only one of many ranking systems, it also might effect the number of visitors you are going to receive, so that is why it is important not to ignore it.


    Newspapers and Your Blog

    If you are a blogger, then there are a lot of things that you can learn from newspapers. When it comes to newspapers, usually space is premium. This means that an 100 word article with the same information as an article with 500 words is a lot more preferable. Too often bloggers forget about this important rule, and try to write posts which are simply too long. We live in times when people value their time, because there are hundred things to do that you can choose from. When you write articles, make sure that they are short and concise. In my case, I always try to present some advice or information in my posts, and I make them short enough so that people can read them within a minute or two. Personally, I am really bored by blogs where posts are too long, because I am usually visiting blogs to acquire some information, not to fill up my time. One the other hand, all those who read blogs for fun will appreciate if your posts are long, especially if your readers are your friends that enjoy reading things that you write. Be sure to check who your readers are before starting blogging and make sure that your posts are not too short and not too long.


    Backing up Your Blog’s Database

    Some time ago I was discussing backing up blogs. However, an integral part of a blog that I did not discuss is the blog’s database. Basically, if you forget to back up your blogs database, then you are going to lose a number of important elements of your blog, including your blog posts, comments, and data generated by different plug-ins. So in a sense, your database is more important then your blogs template files, as they are more easy to substitute.

    To back up your database use the MySQL database administrative tool provided by your webhost, or in case of WordPress blogs use an appropriate plug-in such as “WordPress Database Backup”. This plug-in is a personal favorite of mine, as it is easy to install and has very neat features. Backup options include saving to server, downloading to your computer, and emailing the database to your email. Perhaps the most useful feature is scheduled backup that allows you to set-up the plug-in in a way that it will automatically perform scheduled backups and email your backup to a chosen email. Setting for a daily schedule will ensure that no important data will be lost, however, the weekly schedule might be more reasonable.

    If you value the content of your blog, you should take some measures to ensure that your database will not be lost. It is a good idea to both manually and automatically backup your database. This way you will be sure that you will not lose any important data.


    High Quality Blog

    If you want to have a high quality blog, there are some things that you should avoid. One of those things is focusing too much on the form and not the content. There are many ways you can improve the quality of your blog by making it look more professional, such as using some advanced html programming or other tricks. However, ultimately the content of your blog is what is really important. I cannot emphasize this enough, content is what brings visitors to your site, and this is what you should focus on.

    Another thing that you should avoid is stealing content. By this I mean a person copy/pasting posts from other blogs and not giving credit to the author. Sooner or later people are going to notice such behavior and will prefer to read such posts from the website of the original author. On the other hand, if you get an idea to post about something by reading a post on another blog, and write about the same topic on your blog, it does not mean you are stealing content. As a matter of fact, I sometimes get ideas what to write about on my website after visiting other blogs.


    Being the First the Best?

    There has been some discussion lately concerning the most popular blogs on the Internet. Someone noticed that the most popular blogs are usually those that have started the earliest as this way they had a big advantage. For example, was one of the first, if not the first blog dedicated to the subject of blogging, and his blog still strives as one of the most popular. I think this can be explained quite easily when you look at the facts. When problogger was starting there was not a lot of competition, so even if he was making some small mistakes there were no other blogs to pose a serious threat to him. You took advantage of this time when there was less competition to learn from his own mistakes. On the other hand, if you are starting a new blog these days, then be prepared for a lot of competition and even if you do not make mistakes you will have a harder time attracting readers. On the bright side, there are already many successful blogs out there from which you may want to learn on how to achieve success. Read other blogs for at least a few days before starting your own.


    Learn from Magazines

    There are some bloggers who believe that reading and actively analyzing a magazine might be of great help to improve the overall quality of a blog. It is an interesting idea so I wanted to share my thoughts about it. The idea basically comes from the fact that a blog in many ways resembles a magazine. You can get a lot of ideas by reviewing a magazine:

    • Ideas for marketing. How is the magazine advertising?
    • Ideas for blog design. Magazines also have to decide how each page is going to look like.
    • Ideas for a post. Posts are similar to articles in a magazine. What kind of articles does the magazine have?
    • Writing style tips. You can simply learn by reading.
    • Learn about your niche. Read magazines which are on the same topic as your blog.

    As you see, there are many ideas you can get by reading a magazine. Of course, you might want to apply the same principle to other successful blogs, and learn from them as well. Many of us do it without even realizing it. Anyway, reading high quality magazines, especially those that are in the same niche as your website, can greatly enhance the quality of your blog.


    Topic of Your Blog

    Do you want to blog about your personal life or blog about the subject you love? Maybe you always wanted to blog about space travel or about cooking? Choosing the topic of your blog is not easy, so here is some information how to choose it wisely, so that you will not regret it later:

  • While choosing a topic for your blog think of something that people might be interested in reading about. Maybe your hobby is meteorology, but will you find enough readers interested in the topic? Will you be satisfied with the amount of traffic coming to your site? After all, having many visitors can give a lot of satisfaction. There are many things people are interested about so you will not be as restricted as you might think.
  • Is there a big competition in the niche you want to blog about? Try to choose a niche where there are not already thousands of blogs competing with each other. Choosing the right niche is very important, so choose wisely.
  • Consider blogging about your everyday life a bit and about yourself. Believe me, people enjoy reading the biographies of other bloggers. That can be quite addictive, especially if you read about someone interesting. Having said that, writing about personal matters might not fit all blogs like, for example, websites of businesses.
  • Have fun with writing articles about the chosen topic. Do not choose to blog about something that you do not like, as after some time you might simply give up.