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This is not the first time I heard about the idea of Virtual Assistance. The whole idea of virtual assistance is new to me. I have not heard about it that much in the past. It would be difficult for me to say what I think about the idea. I called my phone company the other day only to discover that the lady who responded had a strange accent. It did not take me too long to discover that she was probably working from Asia after being hired by somebody living and working on a completely different continent. Hearing different accents on the phone happens to me more and more.


Home Sweet Home

I remember how happy I was to be back home after my last summer holidays. I might need to do some changes in my home this year. I am not sure what they are going to be yet: am I going to be looking for a Floor company or am I going to be looking for somebody to paint my house. Every year, I try to make some changes in my house if my budget allows me to do so. I still do not know how big my budget is going to be for the upcoming year. I usually make such decisions after the summer when I know how much money I already spent on my summer holidays.


Stock Market

One of the things that have prevented me form looking for a new job was the lack of time. I knew that I wanted to change my job for something better, but I never had time to do it. From time to time I start thinking about changing something in my life. Who knows, maybe this year I will have more time and I will start looking for some different jobs, maybe even stock exchange jobs? Today, I do not feel like doing it, but maybe tomorrow I am going to feel the need to do something different than I normally do.