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The Importance of Twitter

If you are a blogger and you decide to set up a Twitter account to promote your blog, you are on the right track. With the growing popularity of Twitter, those who decide to use it to their advantage make a wise step. Once you set up your Twitter account, it is time to announce this on your blog. Write a post about the fact that you joined Twitter. Do not hesitate to add a Twitter icon on the sidebar of your blog. If you send newsletters to your readers, mention your participation in Twitter in your newsletter as well. Another thing you can do is to mention Twitter in your blog posts in numerous articles. Twitter is gaining in popularity all the time, so trying to take advantage out of this fact is a good idea.


Saving Energy

PCs are wonderful machines, but they can use a lot of energy. Of course, there are some ways to reduce energy usage, and the best way to do so is to put your computer in stand-by mode whenever it is not being used. For those who want more control over their PCs, there are energy saving programs, which can automatically put your computer in energy saving mode by scheduling stand-by mode. It is a good idea to schedule stand-by mode if you know you are going to be away from your computer. One of such energy saving programs is called Edison, and the company promises that if only 1% of computer users used this software, it would result in reducing the environmental impact by 7 billion pounds of CO2. I have to admit that it sounds quite impressive to me.


Quantity and Quality of Blog Posts

Did you know that posting two posts per day instead of one can boost traffic your blog receives? I know a blogger who tried posting more often and he succeeded in attracting more traffic. Posting more than one post per day is also proven to increase reader engagement. While it might not be easy to track reader engagement, if you observe your readers carefully, you are very likely to observe whether they are engaged or not. Usually the more comments readers leave, the more engaged they are. When it comes to quality of posting, it is of utmost importance that you always strive to maintain high quality of posts. Try to create interactive content. Additionally, you might want to try creating polls, some kind of challenge, or a reader discussion question.


The Internet and Information

In these days, it seems that we are surrounded by information and data on every step. Very often, it is difficult to spot what data is really important and worth analyzing. In many cases, identifying important trends and data might be the difference between success and failure, especially in case of many companies. The Internet is a great source of information; however, the problem is that people very often do not know where to look for valuable information. It would be difficult for me to present you with a solution, but my advice is to have realistic expectations. You should not trust everything you find on the Internet, unless you have a reason to trust a particular website. Only then will you truly benefit from the Internet, and realize it is a great source of information.


How to Be Listed in Google

Being listed in Google has a lot of advantages, therefore trying to be listed there as soon as possible is a wise choice. Of course, you do not have to do anything particular to be listed in Google, provided that people link to you. However, this might take some time. If you want to get listed fast, here is what you can do:

-Submit your website directly to Google. It is not the fastest way, but if you are not that much in a hurry, then use this option. It might take you some time to be listed in Google this way, but it is worth waiting.
-Make comments on blogs or post on forums that are indexed by Google regularly. This will make you listed in Google very fast. It also all depends what blogs or forums you are going to visit and comment on, so choose them wisely.
-Link from your own website which is already listed by Google and you should be indexed very fast.

Google is probably the most important search engine for you if you want to receive a lot of free traffic, so take this into account. In case you do not have any other website that is listed in Google from where you could link to your new website, then ask your family members or friends if they have a website from which they could link to you.